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Prices, pictures and descriptions for your 1960's Bobbing Head Dolls

  • Tired of trying to figure out what your 1960's Bobbing Head dolls are worth?

  • See something for sale but you're not sure what it is, whether it's original, or how much you should pay?

  • Is that doll on EBay rare? Should I bid $100 or $500?

  • Are you a new collector trying to figure out what's what?

  • Check out the sample page. Every set contains a summary, individual pictures of each doll, an estimate of rarity as well as approximate values in 3 different grades (ExMt, NrMt and NrMt/Mt).

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Sets Included:

1960-62 Color Base
1961-63 White Base
1961-63 Minis
1964-66 Green Base
1967-72 Gold Base
1970-72 Wedge Base
Baseball Oddball Nodders
Baseball Taiwan Nodders

1960 Promos
1960-62 Wood and Square Base
1961-62 AFL Toes Up
1962 NFL Kissers
1962-64 NFL Black Toes Up
1963-64 Square NFL Gold Base
1965-67 NFL Gold Base
1965 AFL Earpad
1965-67 NFL Realistic Face
1961-66 Toes Up
1968-72 NFL Gold Base
College Dolls
CFL Dolls
Oddball Football

Non Sports 

Other Sports
Other sports