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Green Base Set   Sample Page

Years produced - 1963-1965

Details - 6.5" high on  green base

Hat styles - (3) Flat Cap, Swirl, and Sideways Hat

Mascots -
Braves, Cards, Cubs, Indians, Orioles, Pirates, Reds, Tigers

Variations -
Angels Anaheim Paper Label
KC A's Dark Blue Hat
Red Sox Blue Hat

First run of dolls can be found on square green bases.
Prices are listed below


Prices Update 2019

Dolls priced in 3 Grades: NrMt/Mt, NrMt and EX+. Lesser condition examples would sell for less. (See the Condition Guide for explanations)
Rarity index - 10 rarest, 1 easiest to find.
Gem Dolls (Like new colors and shine) normally go for more.
Gem mint looking restored dolls normally go for roughly the same as NrMt examples.

Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity


NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Need a Picture Help!

Angels Anaheim 10 400-500+ 600-800+ 800-1000+ Have seen one in 5 years! Prices are a guess.

Angels LA 3 90-100 120-140 160-180 Swirl or sideways version are more difficult.

Light Hat


8 300-400 400-600 600-800 Light blue hat has become extremely scarce.

Dark Hat
KC 8 300-400 400-600 600-800 Still tough but show up occasionally lately.

Braves Milwaukee 5 200-250 300-350 350-400 High end examples do very well.
Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity Ex+ NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Cardinals St Louis 3 100-120 140-180 180-250 Very pretty but quite common. watch for touched up feathers.

Colt 45 Houston 5 180-220 250-300 350-400 Neat doll holding the revolver. Prices have come down a bit but still does well.

Cubs Chicago 7 220-250 275-325 400-500 Still tough but no longer the key to the set. Prices have started to reflect that although it's still a valuable doll.

Dodgers LA 3 90-100 120-140 150-175 Fairly common, prices steady

Giants SF 5 100-120 140-175 180-220 A bit tricky in top condition.
Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity Ex+ NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Indians Cleveland 5 120-150 150-180 225-300 Prices are down but vary greatly. Often restored, hard to find a top original doll.

Mets NY 5 100-120 150-160 180-240 Same as the Giants.

Orioles Baltimore 4 100-125 150-175 200-300 Prices down lately. Still a great looking doll in nice condition.

Phillies Philadelphia 4 90-120 130-150 180-220 Typical green base, prices fairly steady.
Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity Ex+ NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Pirates Pittsburgh 6 120-130 150-175 220-250 Dried up for awhile and prices rose, more have been showing up lately so prices have returned to previous levels.

Reds Cincinnati 5 120-140 150-180 220-250 Prices stable

Red Sox Boston 5 100-120 140-160 180-220 Average doll in the set.

Red Sox
Blue Hat
Boston 7 180-200 240-300 350-500 Still very tough, gem condition dolls do very well

Senators Washington 6 140-160 180-225 225-300 Prices always steady.
Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity Ex+ NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Tigers Detroit 4 80-100 120-150 180-250 Nice looking doll in top condition.

Twins Minnesota 6 120-150 150-200 250-300 One of the tougher one's in the set. Prices have been reflecting that.

White Sox Chicago 3 75-100 100-120 150-175 Fairly common but tougher to find in shiny gem condition.

Yankees New York 4 100-120 140-175 220-250 Average availability but Yanks dolls usually sell well.
Click to Enlarge Nickname City Rarity Ex+ NrMt NrMt/Mt Comments

Square Bases  All         First run Green Bases included leftover square white bases painted green. Go for approximately 40% more as there are collectors who are trying to complete this set and are willing to pay a bit more.

Sideways Hat
All         The first run Green Base dolls included "leftover" white base "sideways hat" or "crooked cap" heads. Generally the most popular mold, normally go for a premium of at least 20% to 25% over the other 2 styles.

1960 Color Base Mold NY and SF  7 120-150 150-200 250-350 Pretty rare variation, a few Green Base dolls come with the original Color Base style head. I've seen the Giants and Yanks, there may be more. (And probably are). Most collectors aren't sure if they are fake or not, so the prices are very erratic.


Green Base Boxes All         Standard Green base (and White Base) box has a generic ballplayer and is titled "My Favorite Baseball Team". Says "Japan" at the bottom of the picture. Has a stamp on either end of box with team name. Gold base boxes say "Made In Japan" and have a sticker. Green Base boxes sell individually for $5- $20, figure you can add a 5-10% or more to doll's value if you have the box.

The Green Base set is generally regarded by collectors as the best looking and best made of all the 1960's Japan baseball sets. The quality is an improvement over the White Base set, fewer factory flaws, better and shinier paint, and 3 hat variations. Very pretty dolls overall. the only downside to the set was the introduction of chest decals, rather than the embossed logos that were common with the White Base dolls. There are plenty of "subsets" to keep collectors busy, including the Square Base dolls, "Color Base" head molds as well as the "Crooked Hat" style dolls.

Overall, the set is a bit easier to find than the White bases, especially if you are looking for dolls in nice condition. Exceptions to that would be the Cubs (Green Base is pretty tough), Colt 45's (holding a Colt 45 revolver), Braves and A's, all of which are tougher to find in the Green Base set. Prices have held up well due to the popularity of the set.

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